Haunted by Evil characters

Patrick Foster

The main character of the game Haunted by Evil. Hardworking and talented IT-specialist who works for U.I.T.S. as a front-end developer. Has a complex nature but also good sense of humor and self-irony. He has been having some problems with getting enough sleep for a while as he’s been tormented by nightmares.
Патрик Фостер
Мила Колман

Mila Coleman

She was born in a really wealthy Colman family which has been respected and influenced by in Summerville. She doesn’t boast about her noble birth and was always more interested in men’s ways of entertainment. This influenced her character a lot. She’s Patrick’s girlfriend and they live together in a rented flat.

Eileen Glenwood

Eileen got a good job at U.I.T.S. for probation period. She’s got her finals before college graduation and she’ll get her job on a permanent basis in the company.  She’s a very amiable, kind, easy-going and warm-hearted person.

Айлин Гленвуд

Mark Pearson

He’s public relations specialist in U.I.T.S. He’s one of Patrick’s best friends and he’s the member of the “Trinity”. This is how Patrick’s best friends call themselves. He’s the life of any party. Always positive and never cast down.

Kenny Caldwell

Team leader of the development department in U.I.T.S. It was he who recruited Patrick, taught him and helped him to get around in the company. They got on well really quickly and soon Kenny became Patrick’s best friend. He’s also the member of “Trinity”. Cheerful, easygoing and likes teasing Patrick.

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Nadine Welch

Another specialist in public relations in U.I.T.S. It happens that she always gets the most absurd tasks in the company. Nadin often becomes emotional and nervously giggles. All the staff sympathizes her.


U.I.T.S. founder and owner. He’s a serious and notorious man. He’s quite untalkative and prefers to deal only with the department heads of his company. He’s almost constantly busy. People say that he annoyed some big criminal bosses and that’s why he’s paranoid. This very fact affects his isolation.



U.I.T.S. secretary. Nobody knows how long she has been working in the company but people often joke that the building was built around her. She’s the one who loves her work and is the most responsible person. Linda is easygoing and obliging though sometimes she can stick to her guns.

Liam Rodgers

Head of the development department in U.I.T.S. He’s a reserved, tactful and perceptive man. He can listen to his colleagues’ needs, suggestions and cooperate. He’s a true leader. He’s a bit of a joker and tries to talk business.

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Eliza Reese

The head of the content shoot department in U.I.T.S. She’s in charge of cameramen and film studio inside the office. She’s very serious and has leader’s traits of character. However she treats Patrick well as he helped her a lot with joint projects. 

Jessica Gallagher

Mila Colman’s close friend. Mila invited Jessica to work for U.I.T.S. as Jessica was looking for a job.  Jessica is a typical party girl who spends most of her time in clubs. She isn’t swanky but sort of impulsive.

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Piter Lawson

Vice-head of the marketing department of U.I.T.S. Middle-aged, stocky man who dislikes everyone around himself. He’s quite cold to the staff but especially cold to his subordinates: Mark and Nadine. He’s quite bad-tempered and nasty.

Simon Wheeler

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Steeve Mack

Tony Cobb

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Travis Callahan

George Briggs


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