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Game development studio BKE Games Studio was founded in 2017 by an enthusiastic developer. One can say that it’s currently one developer’s studio. 

The studio was founded with the prospect of entering the world’s gaming market. In course of time the studio will for sure grow and improve. 

At the moment the studio is working on the only project which is a 2D pixel-horror Haunted by Evil.


Патрик Фостер


Maxim Eliseev (VanRed)

An enthusiastic developer, founder of BKE Games studio. Lead developer of the project Haunted by Evil. Studio’s lead developer, game writer and game designer.

Nikita Logvinov (Crypt Elf)

Studio’s pixel-art artist. Works wonders with pixel graphics, making it a live design.

Natalya Kurbatova

Ingenious and extraordinary talented artist of the project. Draws drop-dead gorgeous characters. Lead artist of the project Haunted by Evil.

Konstantin (HateBit)

Studio’s lead composer. Brings life to the game. His unique and penetrating (addictive) music compositions fill the game with necessary atmosphere.

Artem Dokshin (Newilgreen)

Studio’s junior composer. Writes amazing tracks. He improves his skills in a lot of different areas of game development, as well as action engineering.


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